UM Math Canvas Intro

What are we doing here? The goal of this introduction is to step through a number of things that you will or may want to do with a Canvas course that you have for a course you are teaching. These include importing a (template, or other) course, updating information in the course site, importing grades, and creating a student group.

First, where is Canvas? You can always find it from the link at, yes, (look at the top right of the page). Or you can go directly to

From the Canvas site, select your Sandbox course to play with. You can do all of the following to that; when you have a regular course site, you can work with that instead.

Where to go from here? The Canvas at Michigan site has a bunch of information. ISS provides support for Canvas, including drop-in and one-on-one support. Or ask your fellow instructors!

UM Math Canvas Intro
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