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CTools ( is the University of Michigan's course management system (like the commercial products Blackboard or WebCT, or the open-source Moodle), based on Sakai, an open-source "collaboration and learning environment." It provides an easy-to-use way to manage course websites that include schedule information, announcements, as well as course discussions, an on-line gradebook, etc.

The Department's CTools Templates are designed to make it easier to learn how to use CTools for your course. To this end, follow the CTools Template Tutorial. In case you've already looked through that, a short summary follows.

  • Log in to CTools.
  • Use the Worksite Setup page to create a new course site, selecting the correct template: Math 105 Template if you are teaching Math 105, Math 115 Template for Math 115, and similarly for Math 116, and the Math General Template for other courses in the Department.
  • After creating the course, you will want to Edit the Syllabus in your course site to update the information there,
  • Edit the Resources, possibly importing the Instructor Tools and Information from the Template Resources that are available (be sure to hide the Instructor folder,
  • Edit the Course Schedule, possibly by using the Schedule Maker or available schedule files from the Instructor Tools folder, and finally
  • Review and Finalize Your Site, checking that you have the site tools you want and that the course information is correct.

Course Repository

The Department's on-line repository of course materials has materials for math courses numbered under 600, commonly including Syllabi, Homework Assignments, and sometimes other course materials. Note that because the Introductory Program courses (105, 115, 116, 215, and 216) already have extensive instructor resources available, they are not included in the repository.

At the end of the semester, please stop to use the uploader to copy materials from your course to the repository!


The repository is organized by course number, then term, then instructor. If you are teaching a course, you will probably want to start with the most recent term, and possibly with the materials from an instructor that you know or have spoken with about the course.


The Goal of the repository is to provide instructors who are new to a course a base level of information about what has happened in the course in the past, with information about the textbook that was used and material that was covered.

This is Motivated by the fact that the Math Department offers a lot of undergraduate courses, and has a lot of faculty (and graduate students) who teach them. The course repository is designed to facilitate a transfer of course memory from one instructor to the next.

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