Student Info Page FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Student Info Page:
  1. What data are you collecting?
    We're collecting the same type of information that we used to collect on paper information forms: demographic information about who is taking math classes.
  2. Why are you collecting this data?
    There are two reasons: first, so that the department knows who is taking its courses, and second, so that instructors know who is in their specific courses.
    In both cases, knowing what year in school students in courses are, what majors they're pursuing, what math classes they've had before, etc., allows the courses to be formulated to better serve the students in them.
  3. How long do you keep the data?
    We archive old data so that we are able to see how different the students in courses are from semester to semester and year to year.
  4. Who gets to look at the data?
    The instructor of the course, the course coordinator, and the faculty in chair positions in the department have access to the data. Other faculty who are involved with the introductory mathematics program may also be granted access to the data.
  5. Should I worry about submitting the data?
    We don't think so. We don't collect any data which has serious privacy implications (for example, social security numbers), all data is stored on a carefully maintained server to which there is only restricted access, and all transactions transferring data from and to the server are encrypted.
Do you have some other question? Please let us know: e-mail the Math Instructional Technology Consultant, math-itc(at)umich(dot)edu.
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