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Hints and Tips

  1. Start early, when each set opens.
  2. Do homework0. It's easy & will help you with the homework system.
  3. Don't submit partial answers. You have six submissions per problem.
  4. Work the problems out by hand before entering them in the system. You can get a hardcopy of a problem set from the problm listing page of a problem set.
  5. Preview your answers before submitting them.
  6. Use calculator syntax:
    1. Carefully parenthesize. Type cos(2pi), e^(-ln(3)), or 1/(1+x), not cos 2pi, e^-ln3 or 1/1+x. Note that sin2x is read as sin(2)*x, which is probably not what you want. Enter sin(2x) instead.
    2. The square root is sqrt(x) or x^(1/2).
    3. Be accurate: the system demands four or five significant figures in your answers! Thus if the answer is pi, the answer 3.14159 will almost certainly be marked right, but the answer 3.14 will not.
  7. Watch your case: X is different from x, Sin is different from sin, and Pi is different from pi. You want pi.

Important Info

  1. Your username for the web homework is your uniqname. Your password is the same as the Kerberos password that you use to work with other on-line applications at the University.
  2. Due dates for the web homework are on the problem set listing you get when you log in.
  3. Help on the homework is available from your GSI or your instructor, the Math Lab (B860 East Hall), and possibly the math lab consultants (SITCS; in B728 East Hall). You can also get help by clicking the "e-mail instructor" button in the homework.
  4. Late questions (e.g., e-mailed questions asked the day an assignment is due) are not guaranteed to be answered.
  5. You can practice the homework problems after the due date.
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