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Read the hints and tips for information about the homework. Select your section, and click "go to homework."

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  • Your username for the homework is your uniqname.
  • You log into the web homework with your uniqname and Kerberos password.
  • For specific information about using the homework system, see the Hints and Tips.

Hints and Tips

  • Homework: You are assigned all of the sets your students are assigned. You'll see them when you log in. Note that you can look at assignments before they open (which students can't do).
  • Acting as Your Students: If you follow the link in a feedback e-mail that a student sents you, you will be acting as that student—you'll see the problem exactly as they see it. When you're acting as a student you can check her/his answer, but not actually submit it (and therefore use on of her/his attempts). Note that you can also act as a student by logging in, clicking on "Instructor Tools" and then selecting the student and clicking the "Act as" button below the select boxes.
  • Mysterious Students: When you look at class lists, you'll see all of your students, plus, once the gateway starts, all gateway proctors. To see only your students, look only at students with "section number" 115 or "recitation number" equal to your section number.
  • Student Scores: To see how your students are doing, select Student Progress under the Instructor Tools in the left sidebar. Click on the set name, then click on the "Section" link to sort by section, so that you see only your students.
  • Downloading Student Scores: To get a CSV file you can download and import into a spreadsheet (e.g., Excel or OOcalc), select Scoring Tools from the left sidebar. Then select the sets you want to get scores for and click the Score selected sets button. You can then click on the link for the created file to download the CSV file. (Note that you will have to sort out the gateway proctors from the resulting list.)
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