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First, read the hints and tips before taking a test.
Then, select your section, select the mastery you are taking, and click "Take Test."

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Hints and Tips:

  • You login to the system through the University weblogin system. Therefore, your username is your uniqname, and your password the Kerberos password you use for your e-mail, etc.
  • Take each mastery for practice until you can consistently get 6/7 or 7/7 (7/10 or better for the Final Mastery). You may practice the test as many times per day as you like.
  • See Canvas for grading information for each mastery. Your course grade will depend on how you score on each mastery.
  • The time limit for the masteries is 30 min for the Derivative Procedures mastery, 40 min for the Function Concepts and Integral Concepts Masteries, and 60 min for the Final Mastery.
  • Only official tests count for credit in the course.
    Take official tests in the proctored testing labs in the basement of East Hall.
  • You may take up to two Official tests per day.
  • Books, notes, and other aids such as calculators are not permitted on the assessments.
  • Always work problems out by hand, on paper, before entering them in the test.
  • Watch Your Case: X is different from x, Sin is different from sin, and Pi is different from pi. Always use the same case as the problem you're solving.
  • Always preview your answers.
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