Math 116 Gateway Tests W21

Note: No calculators, computational devices or any other aids are allowed on this test. Pen or pencil and paper only!

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Read the hints and tips before taking a test. Select either the Gateway you want to take, pick your section and click "take test" to start.

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To take the Official Gateway (see Hints), check here:

Lab Hours:
Talk to your instructor for information about taking gateway tests.

Hints and Tips:

  • You login to the system through the University weblogin system. Therefore, your username is your uniqname, and your password the Kerberos password you use for your e-mail, etc.
  • Take the gateway for practice until you can consistently pass it. You may practice the test as many times per day as you like.
  • A passing score on both gateways is 6/7 or better.
  • The time limit for the gateways is 30 min.
  • Only official tests count for passing the gateways.
  • You may take up to three Official tests per day.
  • Books, notes, and other aids such as calculators are not permitted on the gateway.
  • Always work problems out by hand, on paper, before entering them in the test.
  • Watch Your Case: X is different from x, Sin is different from sin, and Pi is different from pi. Always use the same case as the problem you're solving.
  • Always preview your answers.
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